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Education and Financial Services
Magic Software Inc is fully owned by Solmark.

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Magic Software Inc has invested in leadership that has vast industry experience in growing and operating ventures within the technology sector and leveraging global talent pools. Magic Software leadership team has built reusable frameworks and technology IP that focuses on delivering digital solutions. Magic has specifically build expertise in building digital solutions that leverage content digitization and unstructured / alternative data. The digital solutions will leverage digitization, and automation frameworks and tools with the idea of improving the outcomes (i.e. Learning outcome or Operational Efficiencies) in a specific function (K12 STEM or Trading) within an industry (Education or Financial Services).


Education Education

Digital learning solutions that empower educators to solve critical challenges and achieve their goals.


Go-to platform for publishers and content providers to deliver digital content seamlessly and currently serving over 6 million users globally.

Financial Financial Services

Build and deliver solutions in structured and unstructured data using new-age technologies like AI & blockchain

World’s first dedicated blockchain QA testing company

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